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When I first considered entering into the hair & makeup industry I naturally thought about what my personal experiences had been to date as a customer.  Having been to various celebrations myself I knew the importance of having a certain look to match each and every occasion.  For a Woman, it’s not just where you are and who your with that’s important, it’s also how you feel when you are there.  This is what I found a lot of artists did not consider when working on a client, for me this is the priority.

Therefore I taken this thought process into my business module and ensure that with Elite Hair & Makeup the client’s feelings and needs are met for each and every unique occasion you may want to be prepared for. My aim personally and professionally through my work is to help you be the best version of yourself to fit every occasion.

About me

At Elite Hair & Makeup, we will deliver an exceptional standard of hair and makeup services and a superior client experience. Whether you want to make a style statement or just want easy to maintain, wearable beautiful hair and makeup we can create your signature style with flawless hair design and makeup application.

Our main focus is to supply our diverse client base with the highest quality hair styles & makeup looks.

My philosophy is to place clients at the heart of my business.

They always say the proof is in the trying, well I hope that you consider Elite Hair & Makeup as designers you will try, as I am certain that once you give us the opportunity to  do so that you will definitely consider working with us again.

We particularly specialise in Bridal and Occasional Hair and Makeup – Our Elite Bridal Team have been carefully chosen and are continuously assessed and trained to guarantee the highest level of service.

We can deliver our services across the UK.

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